Friday, October 12, 2007

Sneaker Heads

The First Lady of team 909 miss Ellaesco came through the spot to chill for a little bit.. Fellas I know ya'll think your sneaker game is tight and up and on, but I'm tellin ya right now just in fair warning.. This girl will have your double takin' and have you ohhhin and ahhhin and in todays case.. What the Dunk ? (Pics below)

New Sneakers in the shop
Quake Dunk SB sz.6 $400
De la soul Dunk SB sz.6 $ 340
MF Doom Dunk SB sz. 13 $310 sz. 9 $240 sz.6 $220
Chamber of fear AF1 [Self doubt] sz.10.5 $400
Chamber of fear AF1 [Temptation] sz.10.5 $400

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